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The Team


Andrew is an IT Consultant with 10 years experience in technical diving. He is passionate about building a strong diving community in Perth and is a driving force behind many local and overseas diving projects, if there is water he will dive in it. Qualified to dive in caves and beyond 100m deep, he has built his own Dual Rebreather to enable him to complete dives where a regular rebreather is just not enough.


Alex works in sales but has developed a passion for cave and technical diving to keep his hands from going soft. As an Advanced Cave qualified diver, he enjoys getting into tight and squeezy spots in caves despite his ‘too-long-in-the-good-paddock’ frame. Aside from a CCR trimix qualification, Alex also has an extensive background in aquatic rescue, is an active volunteer skipper with Fremantle Marine Rescue, Lifesaving Manager for the Swanbourne Nedlands Surf Lifesaving Club, and a swiftwater rescue operator.


Gareth is a project management professional with a passion for deep wreck diving. As a qualified 100m CCR Trimix diver he has spent the last few years traveling the Pacific and Indian ocean regions with the WreckSploration team diving remote islands rich with World War 2 deep wrecks and other sites of historical significance, or that are technically challenging. He shares the same goal as the rest of the team, and that is to bring historic wrecks to the public by combining unique skills and new technology.


Callum has been working in the diving industry for more than 30 years both locally and abroad. He is an experienced technical dive instructor and he adds valuable experience to the team, and he also loves deep wreck diving. His broad knowledge of all manner of dive equipment, technical diving procedures, and risk management are integral to the WreckSploration team and he brings a strong safety culture to the table.


Martin is a Yorkshireman in Australia, which is a lot further than most Yorkshiremen ever go. Working in business development, but with a passion for travel; diving has taken Martin all over the world. Martin is a TDI Technical Diving Instructor. If he is not in the water he is planning his next trip. Martin brings a lot of in and out of water skills to the team.


Dave is a Water Management professional with a degree as an Analytic Chemist. A Tech diver since 2018, having dived in multiple different counties and disicplines. Dave is qualified to dive 100m plus, is Advanced Cave Qualified and is skilled in the use of multiple different rebreathers. He contributes to the Perth diving community as the secretary of UWA Underwater Club and skipper of the club boat. He loves developing the skills and teamwork required to complete challenging diving projects and is fascinated by being able to capture 3D snapshots of the under water world to share with those not able to make it.


Mark is an Arboricultural Consultant who began technical diving in 2007, moving through various open circuit qualifications, he then moved to  rebreather diving in 2014 as a means to access deep  wrecks in a more efficient manner and now holds a 100m CCR Trimix qualification. With an keen interest in underwater photography Marks is fascinated by the stories behind these wrecks and loves how photogrammetry can be used to bring these wrecks to life above the water.