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The WreckSploration team is aiming to raise $250,000 to survey and model as many of the wrecks in the Rottnest Ships Graveyard as possible.

Sponsorship opportunities start at $5000, which is the cost for us to do one day of diving and model creation..

We don’t have fixed Gold/Silver/Bronze packages. Simply let us know how much you would like to donate and what you would like in return, and we will come up with a mutually suitable arrangement.

We can offer following benefits depending on the level of sponsorship provided.

  1. A great warm feeling knowing that you are supporting important work.
  2. Logo and promotion on website.
  3. Logo and promotion on social media.
  4. High resolution copy of produced model.
  5. One or more of the team to come and talk/present at an event of your choice.
  6. Access to come out on the boat while we dive.
  7. Anything else that you want to try and negotiate.

Donations made via our page at ASF are tax deductible.