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This wreck to our best knowledge is the Kos VII, an ex whale chaser lying in 83m of water. She is a small wreck being 35m long and 7.5m wide.

Built in Middlesbrough, England in 1929 and given the name Kos VII. She was then hired as a Mine Sweeper in World War II and was renamed to the Daybreak. In 1945 she returned to her original owners and was renamed back to the Kos VII.

Whale Products Pty Ltd in Tangalooma Queensland purchased the Kos VII in 1952. Before being transferred in 1957 to the Cheynes Beach Whaling Station; where she stayed with the company for 10 years. In 1967 she was sold to a Scrap Metal dealer and in 1968 was scuttled off Rottnest Island

The Trimix Divers website states the following:
– “She is mostly intact with most superstructure in place and seems to have a front entry door, like a landing craft”. However this front entry door is not apparent in our model.
– “Sunk in June 1968 she is facing the West”. However this wreck is facing a lot more north than west.
We are pretty sure we dived the right wreck, and the photos match the 2015 photos, Peter Balalas has confirmed that the description on the Trimix Divers site is mixed up with that of the Norwhale

This model (27/8/2023) was made possible due to the support of our sponsors for the 2023/2024 season.
Advantage Air Australia
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3D Model


Static Images

Historical images

Photos of the Kos VII taken by Peter Balalas in 2015 and Callum Girvan in 2023

GPS Position and orientation
(Bow to the NW)

Access the details from the WA Museum Shipwreck Database Here

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