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The Eucla (ex Wexford)

The Eucla (Ex Wexford)

Only dived once previously by Craig Challen and Karl Hall,

The wreck lies in 103m of water in the Rottnest Ships Graveyard, and was modeled by the WreckSploration team in April 2024

Launched in 1901 the Eucla was a 57m long, 3 Mast, Steel Screw Steamer.

Previously named Wexford, she was designed for “pig and whistle” trade between England and Ireland. Subsequently bought by the WA Government in 1912 for the State Shipping Service to deliver mail between Fremantle, Albany and Eucla. Scuttled on 3rd Sept 1932.

The wreck is fairly broken up, but a large boiler remains as a distinguishing feature.

Funding for this dive was contributed to by WA Heritage Council, Dodd Group, Mondo Electronics and Advantage Air.

Dived and modelled 26/02/2024

3D Model


Static Images

Historical images

GPS Position and orientation

Access the details from the WA Museum Shipwreck Database Here

Access the details from Here