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The Commiles

The Commiles

Known by the Perth dive community simply as “the 58m wreck”, the wreck of The Commiles is the shallowest wreck (58m deep) in the Rottnest Ships Graveyard

The Commiles had a rich and varied life at sea:

  • Commissioned for the British Royal Navy in 1918
  • Became a fishing vessel in 1920
  • Returned to the British Royal Navy from 1939 – 1945 as a Mine Sweeper.
  • Returning to the role as a fishing vessel post war
  • Bought by the Royal Australian Navy, used for target practice and sunk in 1953

This wreck was identified as The Commiles by Peter Balalas in 2012

She survived a bombardment of 14 rockets and 15 250lb bombs, before succumbing to gunfire from R.A.N Minesweepers Fremantle and Mildura.

During a dive lasting 90 minutes, with a bottom time of 25 minutes, a team of 2 WreckSploration divers managed to capture the necessary images to create a 3d model of the wreck.

This model was made possible due to the support of our sponsors for the 2023/2024 season.
Advantage Air Australia
Dodd Group
Mondo Electronics

Funding for this dive was also contributed to by WA Heritage Council.

Dived and modelled 26/11/2023

3D Model


Static Images

Historical images

Some of the crew of HMS Minesweeper Commiles, adopted by the Daily Mirror reading their fan mail. Over 1000 letters were received by the crew within a month following adoption. The only person whom frowns is the shore based censor. 15th September 1942 c/o Memory Lane UK

GPS Position and orientation

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