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The Clipper

The Clipper

The Clipper” as it is colloquially known by the dive community, or “Graveyard (Site 06) Unidentified” in the WA Museum Shipwreck Database

Sitting on the sand at around 65m, coming up 2m from the seabed. The wreck is 45-50m long.. This wreck is dived fairly regularly as an introductory deep technical dive, so it is surprising that it has not yet been formally identified.

It looks to be an iron hulled clipper, but little more is known about it than this.

Dr Ross Anderson of the WA Museum suggests that “Being a relatively small iron sailing ship in 45-50m range (the length would need to be accurately confirmed) it could be narrowed down to at least two contenders, both built in the UK around the same time:

  • Tocopilla (1865-1924) 3 masted iron barque length 45.4 x 7.9 x 5.3m, fiddle bow, elliptical stern, 1 deck
  • Knowsley – (1864-1923) 3 masted iron barque 50.8 x 8.8 x 7.6, straight bow, counter stern, 2 decks

Fortunately there are some differences in construction between these two vessels, so in this case documenting the length, bow and stern configurations and number of decks may lead to a positive identification.”

We hope that generating a model of this may lead to its identification.

3D Model


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Historical images and plans


GPS Position and orientation

Access the details from the WA Museum Shipwreck Database Here does not have an entry for this wreck