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The A-Frame Barge

The A-Frame Barge

The A Frame barge (Site 10 – Unidentified) is a small wreck measuring only 24m long by 16m wide. It sits in 92m of water in a east-west orientation.

There are only 3 barges recorded in the Graveyard none of which match that description:

  • Duchess – ex paddle steamer built 1899  22.3 x 5.5m
  • Premier – ex dredge built 1893 
  • Timaru/ ND4/ CND4 – built 1893 ex steam hopper dredge 44.2 x 9.2m

Research into the name of the barge or any information about its scuttling is ongoing.

Funding for this dive was contributed to by WA Heritage Council, Dodd Group, Mondo Electronics and Advantage Air.

Dived and modelled 15/02/2024

3D Model


Static Images

In the above image you can see the remains of the A-Frame in the sand

Historical images

Photos from 2004 courtesy of Craig James and Peter Balalas

GPS Position and orientation
Orientation is roughly East-West (image below north is up)

Access the details from the WA Museum Shipwreck Database Here does not have an entry for this wreck