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One of Wrecksploration’s main objectives is to promote and support safe diving behaviours, primarily within the Perth diving community. In becoming a member you will be part of that movement, demonstrating your commitment to safer diving practices within all aspects of our sport.

We welcome like-minded people to join us. Are you one of them?

What is in the Membership Package?

  • Wrecksploration Team T Shirt. This exclusive, highly sought after garment, is included in your first year’s membership.
  • “The Essentials of Human Factors in Diving” on line course.
  • First priority to book on WreckSploration organised dives, in line with your qualifications, experience, and currency.

Human Factors in Diving: The Essentials is a brand new 3-hour online course that is a must have for all divers from novice to experienced and everyone in between. You’ll learn about why we make mistakes and how we can reduce the likelihood of an accident or adverse event occurring. The course covers decision making, situational awareness, communication and cooperation skills, and crucially, their interdependence.

Understanding the “human factors” that impact our diving is one of the most important, and perhaps most difficult diving concepts to grasp. Human error is inevitable – whilst we all make hundreds or even thousands of small errors every day without incident, tiny errors can lead to undesirable outcomes.

Taking this course is an import step in developing your approach to diving – ensuring your own safety and the safety of those around you.


  • Wrecksploration T Shirt valued at $45
  • “The Essentials of Human Factors in Diving” on line course, sells on line for AU $140(US$97). We have negotiated a promotional price for our members.
  • Total Value $185.00

Annual membership (including T-Shirt and Human Factors Course) only $105

Become a better buddy be a WreckSploration member!