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While based in Perth Western Australia (one of the most remote cities in the world) the WreskSploration Team carries out expeditions all over the world.

These trips are not focused on photogrammetry, but it is hard to resist capturing something of what we see to bring back to you.

Bikini Atoll

Bikini Atoll or “coconut place” is one of the remotest diving destinations on the planet. Bikini is located just north of the equator in the Pacific Ocean, halfway between Australia and Hawaii. Bikini is part of the Marshall Islands, which consists of 5 islands and 29 atolls, of which just two are habitable.

The WreckSploration Team dived the wrecks of Bikini Atoll in June 2023

Read about it here

(Image credit: Credit: US Defense Department image via Wikimedia Commons)