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The WreckSploration Team is proud to be associated with the following organisations that support our work

Image Dive and Charters

Offering a range of services including dive charters (recreational, wreck and technical diving), Scuba Certification Courses: PADI Open Water, Advanced, Wreck, Nitrox and closed circuit re-breather to name but a few.


WA Museum
(WA Shipwrecks Museum)

The WA Shipwrecks Museum is internationally recognised for its contributions to maritime archaeology and shipwreck conservation.

Journey through its galleries to learn about Western Australia’s treacherous coast, first European encounters, the riches of maritime trade and one of the deadliest mutinies in known history.


Southern Ocean Exploration

Southern Ocean Exploration (SOE) is a non-profit group of explorers, educators and sub-professional maritime archaeologists who locate and record what lies undiscovered in the expansive coastal waters of Southern and South Eastern Australia.


Maritime Archaeological Association of Western Australia

Created in 1974, MAAWA (the Maritime Archaeological Association of Western Australia) is primarily an archaeological association with members having the opportunity to dive on shipwrecks, and also to participate in research and management of maritime archaeological heritage sites around the coast of Western Australia.


Dive Lantern

Dive Lantern was founded in Western Australia in 2021 by Nik Johnson, whose combined passion for diving and technology first lead him into the industry in 2015. Dive Lantern is the culmination of that passion, experience and the partnerships built over that time. Dive Lantern are based in Australia and dive Australian conditions, their range is designed with the Australian diver in mind.


Dolphin Scuba

Established in 1991, the Dolphin Scuba team has oodles of scuba diving knowledge and experience to share. They offer scuba courses, dive gear sales and underwater adventures all year round. Whether you are a novice or seasoned diver you can rely on their team to give you the best advice and recommendations